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1 awkward 或者 in a dilemma 2 provided great help

1.She is so dutiful and reliable for work that we are all assured to assign her tasks . 2.I am happy to see her growth .

What's this in English? 初一上Go for it.学的。

意译: 1) I realised that you definitely forget that;I think you are not clearly about that; I'm sure that you don't have a good memory; (在英语表达中直接说别人错,是比较伤感情的事,还是要回避和委婉一些) 2) You must be not hea...

没有什么事大到无法克服,伤痛只会使我们更加坚强. serve做动词有vt.对…有用;向…供应之意,所以它在第二句里的意思就指伤痛对我们有用,(因为)可以使我们更加坚强.


(1)在书店和图书馆之间有一个公园 (2)我们的学校离家很近

1. I firmly believe that as long as you work hard, there must be a good result. 2. The two simple words, is the truth. 3. These activities made me in an unfamiliar world, widening my knowledge scope, so I could contact that no ...

1, no doubt, he is the most careful student in the class. 2,难怪他每天早晨起这么早。 2, no wonder he get up so early every morning.

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