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粗心驾驶造成了许多交通事故 昨天有人偷了我的表

我们为你做得更好 we make it better for you 我们让你变得更好 We make you better 我们是为了你的更好,这句怎么都觉得不怎么对 我们是为了你好,we make it for your advantage

1、Gold是现在众多追求有机消费潮流者中的一员。 主句为“Gold is one of a growing number of shoppers", 其后的 "buying into the organic trend"修饰主句中的shoppers。 2.遍布英国的各大超市更依靠像他这样的人来发展他们的有机食品事业。

1.How do you go to school?

1falling behind the times:落后于时代 2Coming to an end completely:完全结束;终结

翻译: I am glade to be here, i am from the 14th middle school, i am 15 years old now,and as the only child in my family,my parents love me very much. 希望我的回答对您有帮助,祝好! 祝您学习进步! 如果不懂建议重新提问,也可以直...

1,The Chinese society/committee 2,Loving organization believe that children are our future. 3, necessary study articles 4, in order to improve their receive education levels 5, For many years ,many students have ,,,,, 希望能...

However, I disagree with it. Though managing the blog does(起强调作用) takes some time, *it can also help you lrean some extra-curricular things. It is just another way of learning things. But you ought not to spend too much ...

1.I am grateful of giving me the chance of studing aborad two years ago. 2.Though we are in a wealthy country, the quality of our lives were't satisfied Time is percious

1`你应当努力学习 you should study hard.2`她昨天回家很晚 she came home late last night.3`那天早上我们谈了很多 we talked about a lot of things that morning4`会议将持续两个小时 the meeting will last for 2 hours5`在过去的十年里,我...

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