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把下面的句子翻译成英文,要求地道 准确.

Boy, I want you to study hard, not because I want you to compete with others, but because I want you to have the right to make choices, choose meaningful and time jobs instead of being forced to make a living. When your work is...

看我朋友发过 Cross above the fingers. Can work for someone else with both hands, not in the brain to follow the beliefs of others

I am free of religion, but I'm a God-fearer

举个例子,当你说我什么都没说的时候,怎么想的?当你说我没什么要做,或者没做什么,怎么想的? 英语是:I said nothing. 和 I have nothing to do. 想改啊,不容易,要养成习惯,思维习惯,去看原版不要字幕的英语电影,还有做正经的听力翻译...

There is beauty, heartbreaking beauty, everywhere. -- Edward Abbey “美到令人心碎”这个表述本来就是从英语翻译过来的,再直译回去就行,"heartbreakingly beautiful"。换用"breathtakingly beautiful"也是可以的

Fighting is the situation, scolded is love. 中文俗语翻译成英文是不好翻译的。 希望采纳

仅供参考 I'm on the way. I'll get there in about an hour.

Too many people still walk but trapped in the same place Too many people still live but live as if they were dead Too many people still love but love as if they were seperate Too many people still laugh but with sad tears in th...

1.你身材很好!- You have great shape! 2.我要乘的车到了,你也乘这辆车么? My bus is arriving , are you taking the same bus too? 3.改天来我家玩怎么样? How about coming to my house ? 4.你做的菜很好吃! - The dishes you cook are so de...

既然是为了让外宾休息和谈事的,不如直接在门上写:Room for VIP. 在非常讲究的高级饭店或是酒店,可以看到这种招牌。 如果译成Experts' Room,反而让人一头雾水。

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