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打消了她的顾虑 Dispelled her fears 重点词汇释义 打消give up (an idea, etc.); dispel (a doubt, etc.) 顾虑worry; apprehension; misgiving; scruple; care

Why will you change another job? Do you have no fun in that company? It is normal to always change one's job when getting down to work after graduation.So it is with your parents caring for and warrying about you. The more you ...

Project Name:项目名称 Project No.:项目编号 Date of Issue: 立项日期 Response Required by:回应需求人(就是指谁该回复此申请) Submitted By:提交人 Company Name:公司名称 Submitted to: 递交给 Transmittal No.:传递号(应该是指流水号)


我不可能做到让所有人都喜欢我,因为我并不是神 I am impossible to achieve let all people like me, because I am not the god

我不喜欢一世只做一件事,只在一个地方生活。我的生命只有一次,但是我可以创造出无数个人生。 I don't want to accomplish just one thing in this life, or live in only one place. I may only have one life, but I can create infinite lif...

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An anonymous employee reflected that the company engaged in illegal activities.

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