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1.我们的一些大学,正在培养一些“精致的利己主义者”,他们高智商、世俗、善于表演、懂得配合、更善于利用体制达到自己的目的。 Our universities today are cultivating some "exquisite egoists" now, they are highly intelligent, secular, g...

Dear friends, Please take your 2013 annual leave before the 2014 Spring Festival. Please HURRY to make the Arrangement. And send the application by Portal as soon as you can. Thank you for your Cooperation. Best Regards

The announcement follows growing concern that those institutions with a high proportion of part-time students will lose when tuition fees for full-time courses start next year 这项通告是在越来越受到关注的那些具有高比例的非全日...

Make the funds provided by Party B enter and remit safely. The two parties set up foreign-invested cooperative companies and set up foreign exchange accounts.

Attached please find the revised contract for your reference. If you agree, I will send it to the landlord for signing.

"Hi! granny, he is okey now, don't worry about him. I've finished the script for him, and time for me to leave now. By the way, Do you get connected with a doctor yet? "

若你想要了解更多的信息或有其他疑问,可通过以下方式联系我们。 如果您有任何问题请按下一下地址发送e-mail给我们,我们会及时与您联系。 译为: If you want to know more information or have other questions, you can contact us by. If you...

我们的产品保修一年,如果一年内遇到问题 Anyproduct made in our company is to be guaranteed to keep in good repair within a year, and if you have any problems with it during the year we are responsible for the following (回译:我...

1. Human! Human native surrounds in my mind! How can human native so bright and so dark too! 2. human native has a little kind and a little evil, needs to be blended with water. 提问不采纳,做事不厚道。

Task has be arranged. The translation company will send the arranged files back to us in one hour. Please allow to pay it if there's no other questions.

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