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1.John is a teacher from the UK.2.I am a Japanese student.

Very pleased to receive your invitation I will participate in on time. I'm sure it would be a very pleasant meeting.

1、The white clumps of marine snow swirled as gaily as in a Norman Rockwell painting。 2、I would not have come back down for less。 1,像诺曼·洛克威尔(Norman Rockwell)的油画那样,白色的海洋中的积雪像欢快地飞起来。 2,我不会...

36. The ants that come to our picnics are doing their job. 我们野炊的地方,蚂蚁们正在忙碌的工作. 37. According to this passage the black ants’ job is to clean up the grass. 根据这段文章,黑蚂蚁的工作是将草地上的食物清运. 38. ...

Unfortunately, the username and account were incorrect. We hope you can send the correction letter to the bank as soon as possible, rectify the bank information into: 我对银行不怎么了解, 希望没翻译错。

1、中国的人口是欧洲人口的两倍。 The population of China is twice larger than that in Europe. 2、中国的人口比欧洲人口两倍还多。 The population of China is more than twice larger than that in Europe. 老师讲的是对的。你问这个问题...

地球是天体家族中的一份子,也是我们的太阳系的一分子,与太阳系同时产生、紧密相关。 在过去的50年间,这种定量分析已经使得我们对我们行星系的了解产生更大的帮助,使得(我们对行星系的了解)远超人类历史上早前的任何时期。

Premier Zhou Enlai works for the people all his life. Please allow me to introduce Mr Brown to you ~


我突然想到我要做一个演讲 sth occur to sb 某人突然想起某件事 所以应该是 Making a speech suddenly occurs to me 。 only if 只有在……的时候,表示对条件的强调 放于句首需要倒装 所以应该是 Only if making(主谓结构-非谓语) up your mind...

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