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I don't talk, just quietly watching you pack B

1. It will bring smore profits and expand the market, and also it will promote the brand awareness and enhance the scale of brand 2. The salary of employee and the higher cost of travel activities will be a burden for acompany ...

Trunks and branches provide wood for us, so we can make many things with wood. For example, lots of furniture were made of wood.

你好,我想购买400美元的产品,你在邮件说给我5%的折扣,是在产品上打折还是把折扣退回我的paypal账户?谢谢 hey there, i wanna purchase 400 dollars worth of product. you've mentioned in the mail that you can give me 5% discount, is i...


I purchased your product , if you can , the next purchase products Could you give point discount ? Thank you.

楼上几位能人已尽力为你解惑了。本来也不想再凑热闹,但又想从另一个角度让您斟酌斟酌。 但愿时光倒流,其实就是渴望回溯过去,是否可以考虑: 1. How I wish to retreat in time; How I wish to go back in time; 或 How to wish to double bac...

我们不能一刀断论其为西方和平演变的结果。 We can't a broken knife on its evolution as a result of Western peace.

Your appearance will always bloom in my shattered soul。

If I had seen the same world as you saw,if I had passed the same way as you passed,maybe I would be closer to you.

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