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可能是这三首之一 Marian hill-down Fifth harmony-down The chainsmokers- don't let me down

3首有可能不知道是不是你要的 Marian hill-down Fifth harmony-down Daya-dont let me down


当当的一首歌 就是杨坤参加中国好声音时候的



good time--carly rae jepsen 是不是这首 高潮部分是哇哦哦哦哦

Let It Go - James Bay Walking home and talking loads 漫步回家,一路闲聊 Seein' chirps in evening clothes with you 你穿着浮夸的晚礼服 Nervous touch and getting drunk 小心翼翼,烂醉如泥 To stayin' up and wakin' up with you 只为与...

Stay here forever 如果不是这首 你也可以听听这首歌 挺好听

Paradise - Snoh Aalegra Fell asleep on the night train Was dreaming of something a little more Lauryn preaching in my ears The type of shit that I can't ignore Before my heroes were using When MTV was playing music I fell in lo...

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