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中文叫狐狸叫,英文叫the fox

Call Me A Spaceman-Mitch Crown / Hardwell是这首么 大概什么什么类型的

When i was your man?

百度哼歌找歌 你就造了

you iust want attention,you don't want my heart,maybe you ……

是不是Ghostbusters里的歌? 2016年有个新的ghostbusters的电影,可以search "Ghostbusters (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)",有很多歌都是“Who you gonna call”

年轻的英文有young,youthful,youthy,beardless,juvenility,juvenscence,您看下有没有一个正好是您要的歌名。据我所知,有一首英文歌曲叫《so young》,还有《云水谣》里陈坤演唱的插曲《One day when we were young当我们年轻时》

when you're gone? when you're gone I always needed time on my own 我真的需要一些独处的时间 I never thought I'd need you there when I cry 我从未期待当我哭泣时,你能陪在我身边 And the days feel like years when I'm alone 你不在的...

是不是Grenade: Easy come Easy go 说来就来 说走就走 That's just how you live oh 这就是你的作风 OH Take take take it all 拿走 , 拿走,拿走所有 But you never give, 但你从不给予 Should of known you were trouble 早该知道你是个麻烦 ...

how am I supposed to live without you

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