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because of: 1.Because of these, many plants, animals died. 由于这些,许多植物,动物死亡。 2.It arises because of the horizontal divergence .它是由于水平辐散而出现的。 3.Some people like this pressure and work better because of...

We will go on a picnic tomorrow if the weather is fine

怎么用A+BE动词+THE+最高级+(范围)造句例子: Tom is the most outgoing in his class. (汤姆是他们班上最开朗的)。 Changjing River is the longest river in China. 长江是中国最长的河流。

angry 生气/abundant/ abandon/animal 37566898 【精】 【锐】


Many of their books have been in print for nearly 40 years. I must have been in a shocking state last night. The ideas have been in circulation for some time. Let things remain as they have been in the past. I have been in the ...


我每次想念你,世界上就多了一份温暖于是便有了太阳! should depend on yourself.2.the story ends up with a happy ending.3.i pay off all the pay.4.what are you looking for?5.she was encouraged by the story.6.he has a chance to see his favourite singer. 7.i figure out the prob...

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