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主语是名词性质的,可以是一个词也可以是一个名词性从句。比如I(我),you(你)都是代表人的,就可以做主语; 谓语是动词性质的,比如喜欢like;讨厌hate;踢kick等; 宾语是名词性质的,比如苹果apple;她she等。 还有代词,是代替主语的,比...

Because I think (that) they are not only good for my health, bul also tasty.(but also后不用再写一遍they are了,在英语里算重复)

f many almost-of-course salutation

when it comes to other phsical features, road lobbies are on stronger ground. 说到其他的实质性特点,马路游说者们有着更强有力的立场 (即:更有优势)。 解释下road lobby,就是支持某个候选人、某个提案、某种立场观点的人们在路边举着...

美国印第安人是美国唯一的土著人。American indians是指美国印第安人。

Some parks are famous for having the biggest and longest roller coasters,(and) others (are famous) for showing the famous sights and sounds of a culture. 翻译: 一些公园以拥有最大最长的过山车而出名,其他的公园则以展现著名景点以...

The two thousand five hundred and fifty-fifth.

1. This is your own fault, not will work the failure on others. 2. You are responsible for decided to or not to it. 3. China is a developing country with a large population. 4. Mobile phones are becoming the 21st century a majo...

第二个学期很忙 The second semester was very busy

考试之前我总是感到焦虑不安 I always feel ( )( ) before the test 初三英语 两个空 正确应该填: very nervous I always feel very nervous before the test. 很希望会对你有帮助。

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