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I like it so much.

例句: There is an apple on the table. 有个苹果在桌子上


1. a piece of cake 小菜一碟(直译为 一块蛋糕) 这是英语俚语,通常用在非正式场合。 a piece of cake 译为:小菜一碟;易事一件;没什么大不了的 eg: A:Can you translate this word for me? B:Sure~!A piece of cake !(小菜一碟;易事一件) ...

I have many a little。

元音字母a e o u i 之前用an 比如 an id-card (当u发you这个音的时候 之前用a :a UFO),其他用a 比如 a pen

1、The floor is clear. I make my point clear. 2、Iron and wood have different natures.铁和木头的性质不同。 I think he's a physicist or something of that nature.我想他大概是物理学家或那一类的人。 3、a piece of glove leather 4、M...

1. The ideal S(a)is called the saturation of a with respect to S. 理想S(a)称作a关于S的饱和化。 2. We call -a the additive inverse of a. 我们称-a为a的加性逆元素。 3. A subset S of a ring A is a subring of A. 环a的子集S叫作a的...

a set of books一套书 a set of keys一串钥匙 Many sets of books have been given to the students.

【a little bit】意思是【有点儿; 一点儿】。 双语例句 Can you try and persuade the supplier to boost the quantity a little bit? 能否请您去说服供货商稍微增加点供货呢? Helen sing a little bit worse. 海伦唱得稍微差一点。 He was a ...

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