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英语s v A怎么造句子

That was really hard 2 understand.

I like it so much.

How are you? We are a good family. I am very happy now.

例句: There is an apple on the table. 有个苹果在桌子上

元音字母a e o u i 之前用an 比如 an id-card (当u发you这个音的时候 之前用a :a UFO),其他用a 比如 a pen

1. a piece of cake 小菜一碟(直译为 一块蛋糕) 这是英语俚语,通常用在非正式场合。 a piece of cake 译为:小菜一碟;易事一件;没什么大不了的 eg: A:Can you translate this word for me? B:Sure~!A piece of cake !(小菜一碟;易事一件) ...

a set of books一套书 a set of keys一串钥匙 Many sets of books have been given to the students.

It's my honor to present my collects.

1、The floor is clear. I make my point clear. 2、Iron and wood have different natures.铁和木头的性质不同。 I think he's a physicist or something of that nature.我想他大概是物理学家或那一类的人。 3、a piece of glove leather 4、M...

希望以下诸多句子中,有十句能为你所用。 1、It's good for you to learn English. 学英语对你有好处 2、It’s very dangerous for children to cross the busy street. 对孩子们来说,穿过繁忙的街道很危险。 3、It’s difficult for us to finis...

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