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你好~ Now the water pollution is becoming more and more serious. We should not throw the rubbish into the river.现在的水污染越来越严重,我们应该不能把垃圾扔进河里 希望能帮到你~欢迎追问~

and the water pollution is becoming more and more serious .

造成水污染的原因很多 Many causes make water polluted/contaminated.

环境越来越差,空气污染,水污染,垃圾污染。 The environment worse and worse, air pollution, water pollution, garbage pollution。 普 卫欣美 国进口天*猫祝您生活愉快!

Water pollution is harmful to our health.

广东东莞水污染事件。 英语翻译,如下: Water pollution incident in Dongguan Guangdong. 欢迎采纳!

1, to reduce water consumption: At present, China's water use, water resources are tight on the one hand, on the other waste are very serious. Compared with the industrialized countries, many of our products unit water consumpt...

My classmates and I had an outing this spring. We had a good time. But meanwhile I noticed that water pollution in our city was becoming more and more serious. 今年春天,我和我的同学去春游,我们玩得都很高兴。但同时,我也注意到...

actions must be taken to prevent water from being polluted (by us).

没规定必须full sentence,那我偷懒了 1.increase public awareness on water polution增加对水污染公共意识 2.set more regulations on manufacturers on waste standard对生产商增加污水处理条例 3.encourage public to save water大众节约用...

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