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用A lot怎么造句,用英文造句要有翻译

Hi that's the money you won. Wow,that's a lot! 嘿,这是你中的五百万。 哇,这么多

a lot 英[ə lɔt] 美[e lɑt] [词典] 非常多; 成总儿; [例句]I am spending a lot of money and time on this boat, but it is worth it 我在这艘船上花了很多金钱和时间,但都很值得。

数钱或用金钱一词造句后,人们更耐痛的翻译是:When people make money or make money, people are more resistant to it

造句:make sentence 翻译:translate would you please make a sentence and translate it for us? 能否请你造个句子并为我们翻译出来?

1.I‘m good at swimming 我擅长游泳 2.Lauren practises the piano every day... 劳伦每天练习钢琴。 3 But all of a sudden, I could see. 但是突然,我发现我能看见了 4I try my best to play the piano 我尽我最大的能力去学弹钢琴 5the bottl...

英语造句 用6个英语单词开头字母 English sentences with 6 English words beginning with the letter

on. My english book is on the desk. 我的英语书在桌上。 under. Under the tree, there is an old man sitting there. 有个老人在树下坐着。 near We registered at a three star hotel near the airport。我们在机场附近的一家三星级旅馆登记...

tell/ask sb to do: My father asked me to open the door 我爸爸叫我开门

There is a table in my room. 我的房间里有一张桌子。 There is some water in the glass. 杯子里有些水。 There is nobody at home. 家里没有人。 There is a plane in the sky. 天空中有架飞机。 There are three apples on the table. 桌子...

adjust to 英[əˈdʒʌst tu:] 美[əˈdʒʌst tu] [词典] 调整, 调节; [造句]How did you adjust to college life? 你是如何适应大学生活的? Yes, I can adjust to anything. 是的,我什么都能适应。 First...

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