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WhAt is thE GEogrAphy?

the secientific study of the earth's surface, physical feature,divisions, products, population,etc

Great resources for production e.g. cheap and large amount of labours, loads of raw material, cheap lands... High-tech production -> high productivity -> low costs (easy to communicate -> globlisation ) Huge population -> huge ...


问:what do you learn in your geography lesson? 你在地理课学什么? 答:An introduction to the earth in my geography lessons, geomorphology, geographic information system, human geography, plant geography, geography, hydrology, s...

答案是:what's your uncle ?n意思是:你叔叔做什么? 或者是:what does your uncle do ? ~手工翻译,尊重劳动,欢迎提问,感谢采纳!~

A. kinds of B. a kind of C. kind of D. a kind 6. Th ere’re three _____ in the office. A. polices B. policeman C. policemen ...

应该是:What does he teach?

the geography teacher said what you thougth would hppen in the futurte?

the geography teacher asked What you thought would happen in the future .

A 试题分析:宾语从句的时态和主句时态没有必然联系,要根据具体情况采用适当时态。地球绕太阳转是客观存在的事实,不管主句是什么时态都要用一般现在时态。故选A。点评:英语从句的时态往往和主句有一定的关系,但是宾语从句的时态和主句没有...

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