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I can deal with it

1 We have learnt a great deal from this activity. 2 There is a great deal of water on the floor. 3 Since then I have heard a great deal about that writer. 4 A great deal of time has been wasted on this project.

I also had friends who gave me a great deal of encouragement 我还有些朋友给了我很多鼓励。

It's hard to deal with this thing.

 How to deal with this difficult question?

The two brothers look the same as each other. 这兄弟俩长得一样。 The police found the murderer out. 警方搜寻到了杀人犯。 Money is not the impotant thing in our daily. 金钱不是我们生活中最重要的东西。 I have breakfast at seven. ...

In your opinion, what is big deal?

good at 和deal with 哪个是动词宾语

How to deal with this difficult question?怎么处理这个难题?

Is it your book?

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