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He was trying to make a deal with them. 他试图和他们做一笔交易。

1 We have learnt a great deal from this activity. 2 There is a great deal of water on the floor. 3 Since then I have heard a great deal about that writer. 4 A great deal of time has been wasted on this project.

that‘s a big deal! 那真是件大事! I don't like to deal with her!我不想和她打交道

how to deal with  what to do with

I also had friends who gave me a great deal of encouragement 我还有些朋友给了我很多鼓励。

It's hard to deal with this thing.

How to deal with this difficult question?怎么处理这个难题?

 How to deal with this difficult question?

In your opinion, what is big deal?

怎样才能平复自己烦乱的心情呢? How could I deal with my confused mood?

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