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First hAlF yEAr是什么意思

first half year是上半年的意思 例句: Business was slow in the first half of this year. 今年上半年生意清淡。 Exports grew rapidly whilst imports slowed down during the 1st half. 上半年,我国出口保持快速增长,进口增幅明显回落。 ②...

这是It + is/was+ the 序数词 time + that从句,从句需要用完成时。 如果be动词是一般现在时is时,从句用现在完成时; 如果如果be动词是一般现在时过去时was时,从句用过去完成时。 例如: It is the first time that I have come to China. 这...

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