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hand-on-experience 手的经验 真诚希望能够帮助您, 如果满意请采纳,祝您好运常伴。

动手经验相关例句:1.Ninety-nine per cent of primary pupils now have hands-on experience of computers. 现在,99%的小学生都亲手操作过电脑。

hands-on experience 实践经验;亲身经历 例句: The german-born professor eschews textbooks in favor of real-world cases and hands-on experience. 这位出生于德国的教授避免局限于课本,喜爱讲述真实的案例和实践经验.

firsthand experience 第一手的经验 双语对照 例句: 1. Junior managers also should be included in critical task forces so they garner firsthand experience in the process of managing big issues. 企业还要把年轻管理者纳入到从事重要项...

how 引导宾语从句 主要是里面有一个 first-hand影响你,这个是副词 直接地 你可以把它先拿开就明白了 they can experience how the rural residents are held back by .....

hand-on-experience 双语例句 1. He was hand-picked for this job by the Admiral. 他是由海军上将精心挑选出来担任这项工作的。 2. Without warning, Bardo smacked his fist into his open hand. 巴多没有任何预兆地一拳砸在自己摊开的手掌上.

hands-on experience 释义 实践经验; 实际动手经验

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