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hAnDs%on ExpEriEnCE是什么意思

hands-on experience 实践经验;手动的经验;实际动手经验 例句筛选 1. Gain hands-on experience by performing code analysis on a managed project. 通过对托管项目执行代码分析获得实践经验。 2. Gain hands-on experience by profiling a s...

亲自实践的; 实际动手操作的;

hand-on-experience 手的经验 真诚希望能够帮助您, 如果满意请采纳,祝您好运常伴。

hands-on experience 实践经验;亲身经历 例句: The german-born professor eschews textbooks in favor of real-world cases and hands-on experience. 这位出生于德国的教授避免局限于课本,喜爱讲述真实的案例和实践经验.

spared n.剩余, 备用品, 备件, 备用零件, 备用轮胎 a.多余的, 备用的, 空闲的, 节约的, 瘦的 vi.节约, 省掉, 宽恕 vt.节约, 省用, 剩下, 饶恕, 赦免 【化】备品 【经】节约, 吝惜; 多余的; 免去 1.n.a score in tenpins [例]○ knocking down all...

嗯,是的,U of T是著名的“joykill"学校,意思就是说在里面读书不会欢乐的,...而Ivey这样的学校就是hands-on experience,搞案例教学,给学生时间自己去活动去...

It has been specially formulated for the relief of rough, dry, thickened skin on the hands, elbows and other areas of the body or to experience all ...

动手经验相关例句:1.Ninety-nine per cent of primary pupils now have hands-on experience of computers. 现在,99%的小学生都亲手操作过电脑。

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