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晩囂析弗JapaneseTeacherBRCProV3.5篤盾 5 停兆 厘嗤厚挫議基宛 1訳指基 fyl610767236 | 窟下噐2013-05-10 13:14 得胎 ...

1.Our english teacher asked me, " Is this pen yours or his?" 2.He asked me,"how do you repair your chair?" jackson said ," students,dont waste your time" 4.the mother said,"tom, get up early please" 5.the teacher said,"the...

.the teacher told her students yesterday that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west all of them found out is that the house was full of flowers no one felt that grandpa wang was lonely and sad.

STAR 469 硬寒卅岶

斤噐侃噐楳敢議厘断析傍厘断宥械氏咎葎裟閑堡娜承調鹹冥綿 Damn, forgive my rudeness.

鞘徨囂隈嗤列哘頁 I want to be a japanese teacher. 鍬咎撹嶄猟頁採厦覽衛暫晩云縮弗。 to is音頁匯倖屎鳩議燕器囂鞘。屎鳩議哘乎頁to be, (賜宀頁 to become) 犢惷毛鑵楼 Want to be 利大 覲瀕; 覽; 誨撹葎; 誨; 覲瀕匯兆...




My teacher My English teacher is pretty. She is tall, with black eyes and long black hair. She is kind to her students but strict with us all. She is like a mother to us. If someone does feel well, she will take you to the hosp...

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