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japanese teacher2:日语教师2

Do you know ____ name?(he) 2._____ is a parrot. ____ name is... This is ______ Japanese teacher. ________ like her very much.8....

STAR 469 古川伊织

worker D. teacher (B) Maria was a 42-year-... C. Japanese people don’t like dogs D. ... 五.1A,2.B,3.A,4.C,5.B,6.D,7.D,8....

答案: 1--3: BDD Japanese students work very hard but many are unhappy. They feel heavy pressures(压力) from their parents. Most students are always told by their parents to study harder and better so that they can have a wonder...


对于处于青春的我们老说,我们通常会译为:来自日本的大奶教师 Damn, forgive my rudeness.

1.John is a teacher from the UK.2.I am a Japanese student.

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